You CAN Stop Binge Eating

If you have ever felt trapped in the bad habit of binge eating, I want you to know right now that you CAN change.  You can stop binge eating right now and you can stop for good.

For years I would binge eat.  I know that binge eating is all-consuming and that it ruins lives.  I’ve read about it more than I care to confess (but as a hint I will say I could fill a small library on the topic).

Today I know that binge eating is something that I do not have to do and I choose to not do it.  You can also make the same choice.

There is much debate and speculation about how someone starts binge eating that I will not go into in this blog post but I will say loud and clear that there is a way out and you do not have to spend the rest of your life feeling guilt and shame for a bad habit that you only think you cannot escape.

Your thoughts determine your feelings.

Remember this.

Do you think you are trapped?  You are.  Do you think you are stuck?  You are.  Do you think you have to binge eat?  You do.

Remember it again.  Your thoughts determine your feelings.  

Do you think you can change?  You can!  Do you think you are free?  You are!  Do you think you can live your life without binge eating ruining it?  You certainly CAN and you WILL.

Your feelings determine your actions.  

I am glad you are reading these words.  I am convinced that if you have even the smallest desire to end your binge eating, you will.

Start to notice how you think about yourself as you relate to food.  If all you notice is negativity, simply notice it and notice how these thoughts make you feel.  If you want to feel differently, start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and then notice how those make you feel.

Better?  More confident?  Less anxious?  Good.

You absolutely CAN stop binge eating and it starts with your thoughts.

My next posts will go into ending binge-eating further, one thought change at a time.


Image from Print Collection.


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