What Diet Should You Follow?


It can be overwhelming to know which diet to follow when you decide to eat healthy.

Raw?  Vegan?  Vegetarian?  Flexitarian?  Pescartarian?  Paleo?  Low carb?  Low calorie?  Gluten free?  Dairy free?  Sugar free?

There is an enormous amount of information on all of the diets that are being advertised today.  You can read a book on about them, or ask a friend how they eat, or do a quick Google search, and you are bound to find yourself with facts, evidence, promises and proof that each diet is superior to the next and you should be following it right this minute.

If diet information overload is something that has ever kept you from making food-related decisions, you are not alone.  Many people say that it is hard to know the truth about healthy eating and some people even put off improving their diet because they are not sure if what they are being told is actually good advice.

I’m a believer in finding the right diet for you and I know this takes time.  You need time to read about foods and to investigate health claims, but the biggest amount of time you need is to simply listen to your body as you eat and accept how foods either help or hurt you.

Every body is unique and will thrive eating in its own unique way.  Some people feel amazing when they eat less carbohydrates and others don’t.  That’s OK!  Some people choose to eat a little protein and others make it their main serving.  Again, that is OK!  There are people who eat lots of fruit and some that eat little and there are those that like more fat and those that prefer less.  It’s all OK!

Take time exploring different ways of eating and find a way that works great for you.  Pay attention to how you feel throughout the day, especially after a meal.  Notice your energy levels, your ability to concentrate, your mood, your digestion, your skin, your sleep and how your clothing fits (the same, tighter, looser?).  All of these things are effected by what and how much you eat.

Keep a journal if it is helpful and make notes such as, “my egg scramble kept me full all morning” or “one scoop of ice cream was great but two gave me a stomach ache” or “after a very large dinner, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep“.  I’m a huge fan of writing things out because it helps you gather information which provides you evidence to support your curiosity and goals.

After you have spent some time noting how foods make you feel, you will be equipped with experience to make the best choices for your body.  At this point all that matters is that the food you are eating works for you (that is makes you feel great!), no matter how it is praised or despised in a book, magazine, or blog or by your best friend, and that you enjoy its taste and texture.

It’s pretty simple (and can be quite fun!) once you get started.  Eat foods that help you feel amazing and avoid those that don’t and never worry about what anyone else thinks.

So, what diet should you follow?  Well, that is entirely up to you!  Do enough research (if you prefer) and listen to you body.  You will get the information you are after.

I hope this is helpful if you have ever felt “diet information overload”.  With more technology and ways to communicate it can feel difficult to decide on how to eat healthy, but you are fully capable of exploring and creating the perfect diet for you.

Enjoy the freedom and enjoy your new healthy life and leave a comment if you have tried this approach!


Image from De Gefrituurde Kakkerlak.


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