Tomorrow’s Health Starts Today

This old photograph and its witty saying got me thinking.

Something about today makes me want to be hungover tomorrow.

At first it’s funny (if you like dark comedy) but then it seems so sad that someone would purposely sabotage their health for tomorrow over something that is happening (and likely to be over with) today.

This statement is referring to drinking too much but it can easily be applied to eating too much.

Eating too much food (overeating or binge eating), like drinking too much alcohol, has serious consequences on your body.  It causes an overproduction of insulin in your bloodstream giving you a “food buzz” (which might feel good, or at least provide physical relief from anxiety or depression or general intense feelings) but then it is followed by a “crash”, and it is not any fun.  Food crashes cause you to feel tired and foggy and maybe even confused, depressed or hopeless.  At best you will become very sleepy and take a long nap, but similar to healing from being drunk, food crashes may be followed by a “food hangover” the next day.  Food hangovers feel awful.  Headaches, stomach aches, digestion issues, bloating, inflammation, sore teeth, sore joints and skin blemishes are all results of food hangovers (in the context of overeating or bingeing.  Many things may cause these ailments as well, but this blog post is not addressing any causes other than excess food consumption).

Which is why it’s difficult to reconcile wanting a hangover, of any kind for that matter.  Sure, many things in life are hard to anticipate or experience, but adding the problems that excess drinking and eating provides will only make them harder.  After the initial emotional discomfort of not wanting to experience something is over, you are left with physical discomfort, which does not always heal very quickly (and possibly the additional emotional discomfort of shame, guilt or regret from overdoing it).  In this perspective, hangovers don’t seem like such a good idea.

What do you think?  Is it ever a good idea, because you are resenting or looking forward to something, to purposely cause your body to hang-over?

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Image from Amazon News.


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