Weekend Eating

It’s the weekend!

For anyone who is caught up in the habit of keeping a strict diet during the week, and then “blowing it” over the weekend only to start again on Monday, weekends tend to be highly anticipated and then highly regretted (at least in the food department).

This is common but it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to live.

Here are a few thoughts that may be contributing to this approach followed by statements that contribute to more rational and positive mindsets:

THOUGHT: “I’ve been good all week!  I’m having anything I want and as much as I want today!”

STATEMENT: So, I think I’ve been good this week?  Why is that?  Is it because I ate specific foods and limited my portions?  Do I really believe that makes me “good”?  Would not eating how I ate this week make me “bad”?  While it’s true that there are foods that are better or worse for my body, they never contribute to me being a good or bad person, only to the quality of my health.  Keeping that in mind, it doesn’t seem rational to make poor choices this weekend because I made good choices the rest of the week.  I think I will notice how hungry I am and see what foods are available and base my decisions on those things, instead.

THOUGHT: “It’s been a tough week, I deserve to let loose and eat without restraint!”

STATEMENT: Yes, it has been a tough week.  Things happened that I didn’t prefer and I hope life is not so difficult moving forward, but I am not a wild animal and do not need to “eat without restraint” to calm down.  If I choose to eat recklessly or too much, it might be a distraction for a little while, but it is not an act that I deserve for surviving a difficult week because I don’t use food as a reward or punishment.  Eating wildly would simply be a choice to eat like an animal.  I would rather not behave like an animal around food.

THOUGHT: “It’s so hard to eat healthy during the weekends!  There is so much delicious food around and other people eat it, so why cannot I?”

STATEMENT: It is not hard to eat healthy over the weekends.  It’s hard to dig trenches or to run marathons but choosing to eat in a way that nourishes and respects my body is not hard.  In fact, it gets easier and easier the more I do it.  Yes, there seems to be more access to palatable foods during the weekend, but it is always my choice to eat them or not and I always have that choice.  Since I choose foods that support my health during the week, I am capable of choosing them during the weekend.  What anyone else eats is none of my concern.

This weekend, remember that you are not defined by the foods you eat.  They do not make you a better or worse human being.  Sure, foods impact your energy, mood, attractiveness and body size, but they do not remove your responsibility to think (rationally) for yourself.

You always have the choice to eat enough and to eat nourishing foods.  Likewise, you always have the choice to eat foods that do not positively contribute to your health without them miraculously making you a worse person in need of punishment come Monday.

So, be kind to yourself!

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy eating and enjoy your life!

How do you think about the weekends and food?  Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!


Image from Remarkably Retro.


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