I like to go back in time on Saturdays and admire (and completely pick apart) old vintage ads.

Here is one from Nut Shelf (by The Kelling Nut Co. of Chicago), and it’s for canned party nuts with big and bold the following statements:

King Size Value!  King Size Goodness!  King Size Pleasure!

Wow!  Get me some, and fast!

Actually.  Don’t.  Nuts give me a bit of a stomach ache and I find them extremely hard to moderate, so I try to not get my “king size pleasure” from a can of nuts.

However, it is worth noting how we have been trained to believe that the more food there is around, either at a party, or even at a somber event, the better.  We think, “Of course this event will be a hit, look at all this food!

I suppose that for people who do not have  an abundant access to every kind of food imaginable (like most do in the U.S.), seeing and being around alot of food might be exciting.  It may be worth celebrating the opportunity to be in the same room with lots and lots of things to eat and, of course, that is OK.

But the reality is most of us are getting together to celebrate birthdays, or reunions, graduations, or weddings, new jobs, retirements, anniversaries or babies and even though food is usually around, it is the above things (specifically, the people we share them with) that provide us real and lasting, value, goodness and pleasure.

Of course food offers goodness and pleasure, and of course it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate food simply because it’s amazing, but food is only the confetti at a great party (or when you are simply eating alone).  It complements and tastes great and keeps us full until the next meal, but it is not all we need to have a good time and even if there was only a little to go around, we can still have a king-sized, valuable, good,  and pleasurable experience.

Does that feel unfortunate or does it open the doors to enjoy more of the social events you attend?

Leave a comment to share your thoughts on this issue!


Special Note: I searched the Internet for more information on Nut Shelf, by The Kelling Nut Co. of Chicago, and didn’t find much.  I found some old advertisements (for sale), but not too much on the actual business.  If you are familiar with the brand, please let me know!


Image from Flickr.


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