Thinking About Making a Change?

When I was young my family had a pool and we went swimming all of the time.  A typical Summer vacation day included a jump into the pool as soon as the day was warm enough (and as soon as our last meal had digested a bit).

I loved the build-up of our swims.  We quickly changed into our suits and would pace the wood deck my Dad built, just itching to jump in and make a big splash.  Sometimes we would count backwards from ten and jump when we got to zero, other times we might do a silly twist or dance before plunging into the water.

Jumping into the pool was always met with anticipation and fear.  We anticipated the refreshing time in the water.  We feared the initial shock of cold we knew we were headed right toward.

But we always jumped in.

We knew we had to feel the cold water on our entire body, let it shock our sensations, and kick around for a little while, before we felt warm again and at one with the water.

On days when we didn’t just dive right in, days we felt more suspicious of the water, more skeptic of it providing a good time, we would slowly walk down the pool steps into the icy abyss.  We sucked in our stomachs and clenched our teeth and fists in hopes it might alleviate the temperature shock.

But in the end, we knew we had to embrace the change, accept the cool feeling, and move our bodies.  We would inch down into the water, finally relaxing, ready to swim and have fun.

Making changes in our lives is often likened to jumping into water.  Most of us remember the anticipation and fear we felt just before having a fun and carefree time swimming.  We remember that at first we would feel cold, but then we would warm up and couldn’t fathom not jumping in.

If you are thinking about making a change in your life, remember a few things:

It feels exciting and scary to do something new.

It feels awkward or uncomfortable to start doing it.

And then it feels amazing, natural, and rewarding, and you cannot believe you waited so long to just do it.

If you are thinking about making a change in your life, no matter what it is, embrace the process.  Accept all of the anticipation and fear.  Accept all of the new, pleasant, and weird feelings.  Keep moving your body until the change feels amazing, natural and rewarding.

Jump right into it.  Walk slowly into it.  Either approach works.  Either is OK.  Either gets you where you want to be.

Just make sure you do it.

Awkward at first, amazing at last.  You likely won’t fathom not doing it.

Have you made a change in your life that initially felt funny just because it was different?  How did you start it?  How is it going?

Leave a comment to share your experience!


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