PRACTICE: Believe You Will Succeed

How do you feel about success?

Do you feel like it is something you have achieved?  Maybe you feel it is something you aspire to achieve, and you are working toward it, but you’re not there yet.  Or perhaps it is something that you have tried to achieve, but haven’t, and you are not sure that you ever will.

Maybe you are afraid of it?

I live in Los Angeles and I am around many people who are in the entertainment industry.  They are actors and musicians and writers and directors.  They do hair and make-up, costumes and set-design.

They moved here from all over the world to pursue their dreams, to do what they feel called to do.

I often find myself curious about this group of people.  The artists.  The creatives.  The people who are convinced and determined to passionately pursue something on such a grand level.

I find most of them incredibly inspiring.  They are bold and fearless to show up to auditions.  They are vulnerable to share their work with the world.  They are resilient and unapologetic to press on when it doesn’t seem they will “make it”.

I wonder what gives them the confidence and bravery to be here, and to constantly put themselves out into the world despite any of their fears or hesitations.  Despite the rejection, the criticism, the disapproval or doubt they may encounter, maybe even on a daily basis.

What separates them from the people that do not follow their dreams?  That do not show up to share their passions, talents and strengths?  That don’t even consider themselves able to fantasize about their goals?

I have to suspect the separation is found within how people believe and think about what they are capable of achieving.

If you believe you can do something, you will find a way to do it.  It might take your whole life, and it might look different than how others are doing it, but it is OK because life is better when you do something that you believe has meaning and value and that demands your dedication.

If you believe you have purpose, you will show up despite rejection.  You will press on no matter what others think or say.

If you believe you don’t have to be perfect as you pursue your passion, that you have the freedom to mess up, to change your mind, or to completely move in a new direction at any point, doing something special to you will not be so risky.  It will be exciting and it will reward you in ways you never imagined.  Bumps in the road, though inevitable, will not define you, and what others only perceive as failure or steps backward will not devastate you, but serve as moments to refine your goals and position yourself to go and get them.

Anyone will have a more fulfilling experience in life when they decide to replace beliefs that keep them from stepping out to do what they love and find meaningful with beliefs that cultivate confidence and bravery and determination to always press on.

This applies to everyone and to every goal.

However you feel about success, it is important to remember that your feelings are rooted in your beliefs and that you can decide to believe that you will succeed.

It doesn’t matter what happened in your past.

It doesn’t matter that anyone else does it differently.

It doesn’t matter if you decide you want something new tomorrow.

But it does matter that you believe you can do it.  And it does matter that you do it.

The next time you feel like you cannot succeed in an area of your life, practice changing your beliefs.  One by one, replace the negative and untrue statements you tell yourself with truth–that you are capable of success (on your own terms) and it is always worth pursuing.

This is not wishful thinking and is not a waste of time.

This is your life and you only have one.

Don’t let your past or other people or fear keep you from what you already know you can do.

Decide to do it.  Decide to believe.  Decide to succeed.


Image from The Zoe Report.


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