Today’s vintage Saturday ad is for Life Savers (circa 1957) and apparently, eating them keeps you slim!

Of course, not really.

Reads the ad:

Shirley Smikin’s lost her sleek appeal.  She never stops eating from meal to meal.

Slim Sally Hayes stays light on her feet.  She makes Life Savers her ‘tween meal treat.

Let’s break this down:

Shirley is unattractive because she eats in between meals. At one point she was pretty, but her higher weight took that feature away.  Since she weighs more than Sally, and since she never stops eating in between meals, we assume she must eat the entire box of cookies, but maybe she just eats one or two, very slowly throughout the day.  Shirley looks pretty happy with her choice, but the boys behind her look very concerned.  Poor, Shirley.

Sally is light because she snacks on candy in between meals, which is better than cookies, we are told.  What we are not told is if she ever stops eating Life Savers.  Maybe, like Shirley, she can’t stop eating them and goes through a whole pack every afternoon, but that is not our concern.  We’re just glad she is light on her feet.  Good girl, Sally.  The boys behind her seem impressed, so we are, too.

This ad is really silly.  It basically says that as long as you do not get fat from your snacks, no matter what they are, you will be an attractive person, and that is what matters.  It’s possible Shirley’s higher weight has nothing to do with her eating cookies and it’s possible that Sally starves herself or binges and purges, but that information doesn’t really sell candy (also, why are the girls’ weights that big of a deal?  Why are they compared with each other at all?).

The ad also doesn’t address why the girls are eating, or if they even need a snack.  We don’t know enough about either girl, what the rest of their meals look like and what their history is with dieting, starving or bingeing.

There is always more than what meets the eye.

And this is very peculiar, and maybe of most mystery–we don’t know just how the boy in the background managed such a quick wardrobe change between his review of each girl’s snack.

Perhaps he skipped eating this afternoon in favor of a smashing deal at Montgomery Ward?

Now who is to be admired the most?


Image from Media Cache.


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