It’s Saturday!

Time to take a look at an old vintage ad.

Today’s ad:

Lucky Strikes.

The cigarette choice of Mad Men (although, they are really smoking herbals), and people who want to avoid overeating.

Here reads the ad:

Is this you five years from now?  When tempted to over-indulge, reach for a Lucky instead!”

Can you imagine this ad being ran today?  Smoking for health!  Smoking for improved self-control!

It seems silly, and very outdated, but I have a hunch this approach to weight management is still very prevalent.

Whether you start smoking to control your weight, or do not quit for fear of weight gain, both do not actually deal with the anxiety of being in situations where you are tempted to eat more than you need.

Notice the ad uses the phrase, “When you are tempted to over-indulge“, and not, “If you are tempted to over-indulge“.  The ad gets you to think that you are unable to resist tempting food and will certainly overeat any chance you get.  You need their product to prevent your problem from getting out of hand (which basically means getting fat).  There are many people whose overeating has gotten out of hand, and their lives are conflicted over it, but it does not look like it has.  They haven’t put on weight.  Should they still pick up some Lucky’s?

You are always in control of your eating and contrary to this very inflated (but cute) ad, you don’t need any special products in between meals to prove this to yourself.

You don’t need cigarettes, gum, diet sodas, candies–all you need is belief in yourself to eat in a way that nourishes you, is enough for you, and that makes you feel great (in fact, if you cannot get to your next meal without any of these things, maybe you are not eating enough).

But you do need a fantastic green swimming suit with sunny yellow shoes for your next pool outing.


Nice touch, Lucky.

What do you think about using products to keep yourself from eating?  Do you find them really necessary or do you simply enjoy the taste and comfort they bring in between meals?

Leave a comment if you like!

Image from Society Pages.


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