What Do You Read to Learn about Health?

Do you read books, or blogs, or magazines to learn about health?

There are thousands (make that millions) of books and articles that discuss health.  From nutrition, to fitness, to diets, to personal care, mental care, home care–you can find anything you are looking for if you just search.

It can be a little overwhelming sifting though all of the information available to us today, but it is also liberating to think that we can learn anything we want about anything so quickly and independently.

A few of my favorite sources of information on health are:

Each of the above websites have encouraged and challenged me to take a look at health from more than a food angle, only.  They discuss the wide range of the whole health spectrum, such as stress management, sleep, connecting with others, and mental growth.

A few of my favorite recipe blogs are:

Every recipe that these bloggers share look incredible.  I admire their patience to create such complete meals, their creative eye as they photograph all of the details, and their generosity to share their work with the whole world.

And a few of my favorite books are:

Each of these books has inspired and challenged me in life-changing ways.  I rarely read a book that tells me what to eat (despite being very interested in the paleo diet and lifestyle), but I do love a book that explores why and how we eat.  These books are all very different from each other and helpful in many ways.  If you read them yourself, apply what you like and don’t stress about the rest.

I have many other healthy references that I read and get inspiration from, these are only a few.

What are some of your favorite sources for all things health?



Image from Vintage et cancrelats.


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