Welcome! Let’s chat! Pull up a vintage yellow chair…

I’m Sarah.
Welcome to My Right Mind, a space to ponder our approach to food, diets and fitness, and to encourage making them rich and fulfilling, rational, and positive.

My aim is to describe the negative and untrue feelings or thoughts about eating that may have tripped us up and kept us in self-sabotaging habits and behaviors and then offer ideas we can implement that help create positive, true, and helpful perspectives.

My own journey with food, diets and fitness began when I was very young.  Years of believing untrue ideas about myself and eating led to a ten year battle with extreme dieting and binge-eating.

It didn’t seem to matter what diet I followed or what exercise I performed, I couldn’t seem to stop the harmful and defeating habits that I had begun in my youth.  It was a constant source of frustration and confusion.  I did not know why I would keep hurting myself with food and I always vowed I would stop, but never did.  This went on for a whole decade of my life.


I learned that every action, positive or negative, begins with what we believe.

Our beliefs form our thoughts, thoughts form our feelings, and feelings evolve into actions.

Once I learned this, I had to completely change all of the beliefs I had about myself and food that were negative and untrue and replace them with positive and true statements.

This proved to be about all of my beliefs.  About food, but also about many things in life.

My story with dieting, binge-eating and healthier habits is not the classic caterpillar turns butterfly account.  I certainly wished I could have fallen asleep and awaken a changed person without any food issues (which I have heard is a first-world problem) but that is not how it worked for me.

Replacing my beliefs and creating new thoughts and habits has taken effort, discipline and time.  I have made progress and slipped up and kept going and I won’t stop.

I know without a doubt that ANYONE can begin the beautiful, restorative, enlightening and healing journey of creating the rational and positive approach to food, diets and fitness that they desire.

It takes awareness.  It takes forgiveness.  It takes energy and it takes an incredible amount of love, kindness and self acceptance.

It happens naturally and it happens supernaturally.

And it’s worth it!

Every single moment of it.

If you have ever felt trapped in a thought, a feeling or a habit, never believe that you are alone or that you are stuck.  Never stop searching for the answer that will resonate with your spirit and that will provide you with the curiosity and courage you already have within you to change.

It takes bravery in the beginning and then something amazing occurs.

You’re just brave.

You can do it.  We can do it.  It’s already done.

So, that is what this is all about.  A space where we can sit at a table with vintage yellow chairs and flowers and ferns and discuss what keeps us in our right minds.

Thanks so much for reading,


Image from Etsy.


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