Truth exists and remains true no matter how you feel or what you think.  It’s over you and under you and all around you.

Notice it.  Long for it.  Pray for it.  Believe it.

Accept you are accepted.  Revel in your acceptance.  Smile and laugh and contemplate and cry over yours and others’ acceptance.

Speaking of other people, they matter more than anything else in the world.  Here today, gone tomorrow, don’t take them for granted.  Look them in the eyes, say hello, tell them how much they mean to you, tell them you love them.  Look over their weaknesses, enjoy their strengths.  Share their interests, invite them to share yours. Visit them, call them, write them letters, pray for them, leave them a legacy.

Take care of your body.  You only have one.  Drink water and eat nutritious food.  Do some research if you’re not sure what this means, but know when you’ve studied enough.  Take walks and stretch and sleep as much as you can.  Stay up really late when you think it’s the right thing to do, wake up really early when you need to be reminded that God’s compassion is like the sun rising each morning.

Read books and discuss what you learn.  Be challenged, unafraid to challenge another.  Watch beautiful films.  Listen to music that makes you feel alive.  Try new things, it’s not too scary.  Fail fast, replace your insecure thoughts with determination, forgive your mistakes.

Do these things everyday: read, write, pray, love, laugh, see, understand, believe, listen, try, hope.


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