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Hello, there, and welcome to My Right Mind!

My Right Mind is a space to ponder our approach to food, diets and fitness, and to encourage making them rich and fulfilling, rational, and positive.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the cycle of diet, starve, binge, repeat?

Have you ever lost weight, gained it back, lost it again and then gained it all (and maybe some more) back again?

Have you ever felt anxious or worried that you will never be able to stick to a healthy eating plan?

Have you ever found a way to eat healthy, but “cheated” yourself “off the wagon” because it was just too hard to keep up?

Have you ever binged on food until you couldn’t make room for another bite and then vowed you will never do it again?  But then you do?

Well, let me get this out there right away:

I have done ALL of these things.

For ten years I dieted, starved, and binged on food.  I lost weight and gained it all back (and some more) and then repeated the whole cycle more than I care to count.

I got caught up in bad habits with food, causing my hormones to go completely crazy.

I struggled feeling anxious, worried, and depressed about most things in life.  I became negative.  I was cynical.  I felt jaded and hopeless.

I was not in my right mind.

For a long time.

Feeling so exhausted of the endless cycle, I started studying the brain, willpower, and habits.  I studied dieting, and starving and binging.

I learned that we quickly form routines, and that the way we think about anything changes everything.

I started changing the way I think about anything that felt noticeably harsh or critical, and thoughts that screamed victim or helpless.  It seemed overwhelming at first, because there were so many of them, but became easier with practice.

Many of the thoughts I begun changing had to do with my approach to dieting and food.

My Right Mind explores how we think about diets, food, and fitness.  It is a collection of self-loathing and self-loving experiences and a practice in challenging negative and untrue statements with positivity and truth.

It is essays and memories.  Questions and answers.  Ideas, theories, and promises.

Join me in the exploration of a life free of the anxiety that dieting, starving and binging demands.  We’ll chat about replacing lies with truth, and we’ll challenge the status quo.

I’ll share what has worked for me, what hasn’t, and how I continue to pursue rational and positive health.

We’ll talk about food and how it can make us healthier and happier because it encourages a calm and kind mind.  I will share tips that have helped me on my own journey, but always with the mission of encouraging independent thinking, brave and unconditional self-acceptance, and radical, rational, and positive health.

You never have to be stuck in any way of thinking, eating and exercise that does not uplift your spirit and help you live a better life.  You can always change a habit, you can always decide to nurture and honor yourself.  You can always be in your right mind.

Thanks so much for reading,


*To dig even deeper into the vibe on My Right Mind, check out the About Page.


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